Tactical LASER TAG Battles


Battleground Orlando is also the home of the well known Orlando Paintball facility!

That’s right, one facility where you can enjoy both laser tag or paintball, indoors and outdoors!

            FOR DETAILS VISIT THE HOME PAGE:   Orlando Paintball


PAINTBALL – Orlando Paintball or LASERTAG – Battleground Orlando

… your choice! Just some of the features:

Superior Rentals Variety - Both the Best of Paintball or Laser Tag in on Complex Rain is not a Factor. Orlando Paintball is both Indoors and Outdoors! Open Everyday - Long Hours


Orlando Paintball - Indoor and Outdoor Paintball Facility

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  Orlando Paintball is Florida’s largest Indoor and Outdoor paintball facility and pro-shop.  It also features six fields, a variety of game scenarios, superior rental equipment, FREE pizza slice per player and FREE pictures of you and your group in action on facebook!  So for those that want to step up their thrill and excitement level, paintball would be your answer.

Laser Tag Battleground Orlando is Florida's largest Indoor/Outdoor Laser Tag facility. Open everyday, Noon-Midnight (+ extended hours till 6am Fri/Sat) (407) 371-0686