Tactical LASER TAG Battles


Lazer Tag Info



  1. Supplied safety glasses are to be used at all times, for your safety.
  2. Do not get closer than the 6 foot minimum distance at your opponent!  It’s wiser to shoot from a distance than to expose yourself by running right up to your opponent.
  3. Do not climb on top of props.
  4. Observe the MAXIMUM SPEED LIMIT set by the HOST:  WALK – SPEED WALK – JOG – RUN
  5. Do not do anything that may cause injury to either yourself, or other people, or any props on the site.
  6. No physical contact between players or others equipment.
  7. NO weapons or illegal substances on the gaming ground.


  1. No one is to use their guns before the whistle is blown, or Laser Tag system signals the start of the game!
  2. The mission end will be signaled when your Host blows his whistle.  Your gun, depending on the game, may end your game depending on time or your health points.
  3. Dead players must raise one hand up in the air, gun down, and yell hit-hit-hit while walking off field.
  4. Dead men don’t talk!
  5. Sensors MUST be Visible.  Blocking Sensor is dishonorable / cheating.  Your Game Host is like GOD!  They are there to see that everyone is playing fairly.  They may penalize cheaters by imposing severe health penalties.
  6. If your equipment fails, you are out of the game.  ( Inform your Host before next game. )
  7. Laser Tag Sportsmen are Honorable.  Remember it is a game!  It is designed so everyone can have fun.


  1. Do not touch gun’s control buttons unless told to.Battleground Orlando - Laser Tag Gun Side View
  2. Do not place gun barrel in ground as it will block transmitter.  Please do not hit your laser tag gun against props, handle it with care, and it will take care of you also!


  1. Communicate enemy positions.  Watch out, in many games, friendly fire counts!
  2. Have a strategy aimed at accomplishing the objective!
  3. Focus on shooting enemies from a distance rather tan running right up close to them.  When you are closer, you are also exposed or vulnerable.
  4. Try not to Rambo running all over the place out of control.  Much better to run prop to prop systematically with your team.


  • There are a variety of scenarios and fields.  These will be instructed by your Host at the facility.  To see a list of games, hit this link:


Laser Tag Battleground Orlando is Florida's largest Indoor/Outdoor Laser Tag facility. Open everyday, Noon-Midnight (+ extended hours till 6am Fri/Sat) (407) 371-0686