Tactical LASER TAG Battles


Variety of Laser Tag Scenarios

There are a variety of Laser tag scenarios that can be played at Battleground Orlando. Coupled with the fact that there are six fields, Indoors and Outdoors, the combinations are infinite! Here are a few of the scenario game favorites:  (Ask your Host for details)

Large Variety of Laser tag GAMES

IMMORTAL - Laser Tag Orlando Game


Laser Tag GAME STAT: HEALTH GAME STAT: AMMO  Laser Tag GAME OPTION: MEDIC Laser Tag GAME OPTION: RESSURECTION Laser Tag GAME MODE: PERSON WALK - JOG - RUN ser tag Game Option: Game Time, Game Start, Ressurection Time, etc

BATTLEGROUND ORLANDO (RSVP): – (407) 371-0686  or  (407) 294-0694  info@BattlegroundOrlando.com – Indoor/Outdoor ‘Laser Tag’ Center

SIX Laser Tag FIELDS, Indoors and Outdoors with different themes:

Fields Schematic - Battleground Orlando - Advanced Laser Tag


Laser Tag Battleground Orlando is Florida's largest Indoor/Outdoor Laser Tag facility. Open everyday, Noon-Midnight (+ extended hours till 6am Fri/Sat) (407) 371-0686