Tactical LASER TAG Battles

iCombat: The Next Level of Laser Tag



iCombat: Ultimate Combat Reality Laser Tag Action
iCombat is our highest level combat system.  This is for those who are serious, and want to take themselves out of a “Call of Duty Game” video fantasy game and place themselves into a physical reality environment.  Used by law enforcement, SWAT and the Military for training.

It’s as real as it gets, they are M4′s and even have an actual kick back action to them when they are fired.  Unlike the other version of our laser tag guns, there is no LCD to help you, and you wear a Vest with multiple sensors throughout.  The guns are also adjusted for higher precision than our other system, so don’t be surprised if you can’t seem to hit your target especially if its moving!  On our live screen we can show you real-time statistics for individual progress.

So there are two laser tag levels at Battleground Orlando for you to choose from:

  1. Predator Games System: our Advanced Laser Tag System,
  2. iCombat System: for the Ultimate reality

This page features the iCombat system.

iCombat Laser Tag System Features:

  • Real M4′s with kick back action when firing.  Magazines give 150 rounds of ammo.
  • Vests with multiple sensors.
  • Parameters as other system including: Health, Ammo, Time Duration, Riffle or Medic mode, etc.
  • Real-time statistics and graphic of individual performance
  • Minimum age requirement 15 years of age.  Currently, we are only accepting reservations of groups with no more than 12 players for the iCombat system.

iCombat Laser Tag System Featured in, “Elite Tactical Unit” Show

In fact, the iCombat system is featured in the new reality show, “Elite Tactical Unit” on the Outdoor Channel January, 2013.  Check out, Elite Tactical Unit


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