Tactical LASER TAG Battles


The Calendar below shows events and reservations of groups.  It’s fun to join in with others!

You can also call to reserve your own spot.  Private reservations are marked in RED.  Reservations in BLUE, anyone can join in.

*NOTE: This Calendar is updated often, but does not reflect random walk-on games.

PLEASE CALL TO RESERVE.  ( This will ensure you and your group will be able to play. )

We reserve games every 3 hour increment starting at 12, 3, 6 and 9pm for all ages 5 to 105.

BATTLEGROUND ORLANDO (RSVP): – (407) 371-0686  or  (407) 294-0694  info@BattlegroundOrlando.com – Indoor/Outdoor “Laser Tag” Facility

PLEASE CALL US. Or if you like, use our Contact form below but make sure you: 1) spell your email address correctly, 2) provide a phone number, 3) how many players in your group, 4) the date and time, and 5) duration: 1 or 2 hours, for your reservation.  ( We should reply same day. )

8 + 1 =

Laser Tag Battleground Orlando is Florida's largest Indoor/Outdoor Laser Tag facility. Open everyday, Noon-Midnight (+ extended hours till 6am Fri/Sat) (407) 371-0686